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Thrive vs Survive

Recently, while reading the book “Manifesting Wealth” by Taylor Ellwood, I read about Survive vs Thrive mindsets. I thought about it some more, and what comes up for me is that the Survive mindset is about getting through the immediate situation. An extreme example of this is if your life is literally threatened, for example, Continue Reading...

Consistency Trumps Brilliance

I have been working with a lot of small business owner clients recently, and small business owners are ALWAYS concerned with finding more customers / clients, so marketing and sales are frequently a topic of conversation. One thing that has come up A LOT recently in our calls, and which I have also noticed in Continue Reading...

Procrastination as Soft Addiction

So, here is the deal. Procrastination is in many ways like an addiction, only it’s typically not as nasty or devastating as, say, alcohol or meth (at least I hope not), which is why I call it a “soft” addiction. Why? Well, procrastination typically works like this: I have something to do. When I think Continue Reading...

Tim Ferriss’s “No Complaining” Challenge

So, I was reading Tim Ferriss’s blog and found this awesome post about Complaint Free Living. The bottom line is this: our words create our thoughts, our thoughts guide our actions, and complaining is an act of negativity. Do you really want a negative reality? I don’t, thank you very much. So, I’m following up Continue Reading...

Shed Light on Dark Matter

shock wave
I found this article about Dark Matter and Coaching in Talent Management Magazine. It’s funny, the author did not know about me or my company, but he captured so much of the essence of the Dark Matter Consulting brand. “Dark matter was given that name because there is no visible indication of its presence. … Continue Reading...

This Year’s Theme: Appreciation

Everyone makes new year’s resolutions. As mentioned, I’m not going to do that this year. Too easy to break. Then I feel bad. Yuck. So, I have a theme for this year: Appreciation. My intention is to appreciate what I already have and what I have already done, rather than focus on the same old Continue Reading...

A Different Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a tradition: Most of us resolve to lose weight, get a better job, save more money for college / retirement, etc. And for most of us, the resolutions have failed by late January, if not sooner. Why? Many reasons, but we’re not going to discuss that today. Today’s topic is “wanting.” When you ask Continue Reading...