Demons, Misguided Parents, Scared Children

During an open call-in call today, one person said that the voices that rob her of her confidence were like “demons,” and fighting them took a lot of energy. I told her about my own theory about our internal “demons,” based on my own growth work, which was that rather than seeing them as monsters or tormentors, we could see them as either misguided parents or scared children.

When you really listen to your “demons,” you may find that they are really trying to help you, for example, that hypercritical voice that demands that you both be perfect and get more done. It’s not evil, it actually wants something for you, or is trying to protect you, but it’s doing it in an unskilled way.

Similarly, a different kind of “demon” is scared and wants to be comforted and protected, and is screaming at you to help (sort of like an infant will do, they scream and scream until they get what they need, it’s all they know how to do, but it’s not “evil”). Telling that voice to shut up so you can get work done doesn’t help, just like it doesn’t help to say that to a newborn. You need to address the situation before continuing on to your work, that screaming voice won’t leave you alone, just like a scared child.

So, the bottom line is that if you treat these “voices” and “demons” as parts of your psyche that want to help you or need something from you, and work with them to address their concerns, you will experience a lot more peace, and a lot more power (since you will be expending less energy managing internal conflict).

We cover a lot of other ground as well, from perfectionism to asking permission to making decisions. You can listen to the call here. Please download and share, too.

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UPDATE: One of the participants wrote THIS POST about her experience from this call. Its a great read about how Life is not like School.


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