Consistency Trumps Brilliance

I have been working with a lot of small business owner clients recently, and small business owners are ALWAYS concerned with finding more customers / clients, so marketing and sales are frequently a topic of conversation. One thing that has come up A LOT recently in our calls, and which I have also noticed in my own marketing, is that it is more effective to be CONSISTENT in your marketing than BRILLIANT. Now, you don’t necessarily need to choose one or the other, you can be both, and that is ideal. The problem I see is that too many smart people try to make it work by being smart, and in fact, they may not like routines at all, they find the concept dull. However, consistency pays off.


  • Going to a regular series of networking events is a great way to meet people who can help your career, and much more helpful than going to one event and trying to dazzle them with your awesomeness.
  • Going to the gym three times a week for an hour is far more effective than going once per month and driving yourself to exhaustion.
  • Writing one newsletter per month and sending it out regularly is more effective than sending out five in a month, then going offline for six months.

So, since you’re going to be doing something often and consistently, do something you enjoy, so it won’t feel like work. If you enjoy face to face networking because it’s fun and social, find a regular group and go to that. If you like writing, then start a blog, write regularly, and send your articles out to thought leaders and connectors in your field. You get the idea. Do what you enjoy, do it often and well, and you will be rewarded.


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