Tim Ferriss’s “No Complaining” Challenge

So, I was reading Tim Ferriss’s blog and found this awesome post about Complaint Free Living. The bottom line is this: our words create our thoughts, our thoughts guide our actions, and complaining is an act of negativity. Do you really want a negative reality? I don’t, thank you very much. So, I’m following up on the idea of taking this as a 21-Day Complaint Free Challenge. I have a rubber band on my wrist, if I complain, I move it to the other wrist and start counting again, with the goal of getting to 21 days (no, I don’t snap the rubber band to hurt myself, I don’t need that). Anyway, I made it less than 24 hours, then had to switch and start over. This is a good exercise, I highly recommend it, it will make you VERY CONSCIOUS of your words and thoughts, and it will give you power to change your own reality…


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3 Comments to “Tim Ferriss’s “No Complaining” Challenge”

  1. Beth Williams says:

    Yes, the idea that thoughts lead to actions is so true. I would add that the way we think leads to how we FEEL and both affect the actions we do/don’t take. If we are conscious, we can CHOOSE how we think and feel, regardless of what’s going on around us.

  2. David Kaiser says:

    I’ve been working this for a while, this is harder than it seems ….

    And I’m liking the results.

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