I love my work!

Earlier today I got off the phone with a client, after a wonderful call, and I was really happy, and it carried through to the rest of my day! Yes, this is the work I am meant to do. Yes, I could make more money (in the short term) working for someone else, but then I wouldn’t get this feeling of bliss from working with my clients (and I get this A LOT, with lots of different clients), and money can’t buy that. I am living my mission and purpose. Put another way, I look forward to Mondays, because I get to work with clients. I want this for you, too! I want you to look forward to Mondays.

If you want that for yourself, email me at dave@darkmatterconsulting.com and we’ll set up a complimentary strategy call, in which we identify your vision for yourself, as well as the real obstacles which are slowing you down and getting in your way.


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Dave is trained at the Coaches Training Institute and certified by the International Coaching Federation. He has worked with dozens of clients to achieve remarkable results, including revenue growth, clearer strategic direction, enhanced leadership, and promotions to positions of greater responsibility. You can learn more about him at www.DarkMatterConsulting.com or follow him at @DarkMatterCon,  FaceBook.com/DarkMatterConsulting or GooglePlus.

3 Comments to “I love my work!”

  1. Dave says:

    I got three unsolicited shout-outs on social media today. Really nice. I love my work, and that truly is enough, and the validation is appreciated.

  2. christy says:

    It’s so rewarding to love the work you do! We are so fortunate. I see we have the MCI background in common. That is where I found my passion in training and coaching.

    • Dave Kaiser says:

      Pleasure to meet you Christy, and I’m glad you found your passion at MCI. When were you there? I was a project manager at HQ in VA in 1994, so a long time ago.

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