Books I Recommend

 Here are some books I believe have the capacity to change your life for the better:

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

By Daniel Pink. Whether we know it or not, or accept it or not, we are all, always in the business of persuading others. Here’s how you do it from a place of integrity and power.


Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself

More Daniel Pink, because he is awesome and spot on. The change in the nature of “work” and “job” and corporate downsizing plus the job-less recovery has profound impacts on all of us, and it creates tremendous opportunities. Make the best of them.


The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

By Charles Duhigg. I saw him speak at South by SouthWest. Great writer, great book. Bottom line: we are all creatures of habit, and the difference between success and failure are the habits in your lives. Here is the science behind habits, and how to create, and extinguish, the habits that guide your life.


Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All

By Russell Simmons. The author is one of the founders of Def Jam Records, a concert promoter, owner of a fashion line, and a serious devotee of meditation and a spiritual approach to business. Not finished with it yet (I’m reading it on my new Nook!), but I highly recommend.


A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are

By Byron Katie. She demonstrates how you can be happy and at peace in any situation, simply by questioning the thoughts that are causing you pain. So simple in theory, but the trick is in the practice, and if you do the practice, it will bring more peace.


Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type

By Paul Tieger. So you know your Myers-Briggs Personality type, but aren’t sure what career is right for you. This book will help you to discover and define a career that speaks to your talents and your preferences


What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question

By Po Bronson. Real life stories of people on their quest for finding meaningful careers. Nice to see you’re not alone in trying to find meaning, and some of the ways that others have tried.


The Artist’s Way

By Julia Cameron. A great source of inspiration for those who wish to bring more meaning, creativity and joy into their lives. NOTE: this is a WORK-book, not just a book you read. I have worked through it twice, and it has been life-changing for me.


Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

By Pam Slim. Both inspirational and full of practical and tactical advice for breaking free of corporate life and starting your own gig. Oh, and Pam is awesome, I’ve met her, if you like the book, go to one of her workshops!


60 Days to Greater Confidence – a Workbook

By yours truly. If you’ve often thought that you’d like to be move more confidently through life, but didn’t know how to make it happen, this is the book for you, a set of day by day exercises that will increase your confidence dramatically.




Full disclosure: I earn a few pennies for each book sold when you click through this link. That said, I only recommend books I believe in.

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