This Year’s Theme: Appreciation

Everyone makes new year’s resolutions. As mentioned, I’m not going to do that this year. Too easy to break. Then I feel bad. Yuck. So, I have a theme for this year: Appreciation. My intention is to appreciate what I already have and what I have already done, rather than focus on the same old resolutions that at worst remain undone, and at best get done but feel like  huge burden of shame and guilt.

So, that said, rather than ask what you resolve to do in 2014, I ask, what did you do in 2013 that you are happy about or proud of?

  • I grew my business by 25%
  • Traveled to three conferences
  • Fixed painted the stairs to the basement (actually, not completely done, but major start!)
  • Staffed two personal development weekends with my men’s group
  • Started taking boxing classes
  • Traveled to Europe with my family
  • Was invited to be an adjunct coach in Christian Mickelsen’s Top Coach Mastermind program

How about you?



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