A Different Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a tradition: Most of us resolve to lose weight, get a better job, save more money for college / retirement, etc. And for most of us, the resolutions have failed by late January, if not sooner. Why? Many reasons, but we’re not going to discuss that today.

Today’s topic is “wanting.” When you ask someone what they “want,” they invariably tell you about something they desire but do not possess, which reflects the word’s historical origins in Old Norse, as reflected in phrases like “waste not, want not.” So when you say “I want to be happy,” you are basically saying “I lack happiness,” which focuses on “lack.” Yuck.

A friend recently sent me a recording of a workshop by Abraham / Hicks, on the topic of want / desire. I’m only part way through, but one thing that struck me was the topic of wanting and how we focus on the “lack” part, and we can get locked into patterns of deprivation.

So, rather than focus on all the things you wish were different this year, and everything that is wrong with your life that you wish to change. I encourage you to focus on the things that you want, that you already have, and then set a broad theme for the year and live it. I’ll start.

Here is a partial list of the wants I have already achieved:

  • Someone else shovels my driveway and cuts my lawn (I hate those tasks)
  • I have traveled to all 50 US states and several countries
  • I have an awesome wife and daughter
  • I have great friends
  • I am part of several wonderful communities, including the ManKind Project, Alpha Phi Omega, and the Children’s Theater carpool social club
  • I have money in the bank
  • I have an email list of over 1000 people
  • I have a wonderful education from great universities
  • I am doing the work that I love (coaching and entrepreneurship)
  • I read Tarot
  • My car has served me well for 10+ years
  • I have my own office, and it is very sunny
  • I am in great health for a 45 year old man
  • I know several languages to varying degrees, and I pick up new ones fast
  • I have over 15,000 followers / contacts on social media

My theme for the year is “Powerful Magick,” I am going to be working on improving my consciousness and personal power (that is what “magick” means to me), by reading, taking courses, attending workshops, and taking new actions and risks.

What are the wants you already have? What is your theme?

If you’re ready to make a little magick this year, click on the link below to schedule a 45 minute strategy session, in which we’ll clarify your goals and identify your real obstacles.



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