The One Question That Helps To Grow Your Business

I wish I could say I thought of this. I didn’t. I read it in The Prosperous Coach by Chandler and Litvin. If you are a business owner, this is the single biggest question to ask yourself as you plan your day and as you start to do various tasks. Here it is:

“Does this task help me sell more or my products / services?”

Really, it’s that simple.

The biggest problem that so many otherwise wonderful businesses have is the need for sales and clients / customers.

So, if the answer is YES, do it early, first thing in the morning. Get it under way quickly, before you check your email and get caught up in the day. Anything else is procrastination.

If the answer is NO, then you better have a good reason to do it, and you probably want to delegate it. Paying your taxes doesn’t help you sell, but it has to be done, so you delegate it to your accountant. Otherwise, get it over with as quickly as possible, defer it, or better yet just plain don’t do it. I like looking at FaceBook, but I can do this after work. I like looking at the numbers to my website, but doing this once per day is sufficient to track my marketing efforts, after that it’s a waste of time.

If the answer is MAYBE then you need to think it through. What are the odds it will pay off with more sales? Experiment, try it for a while. If it works, keep doing it, if it doesn’t, either change it (and see if that works) or stop doing it. I tried cold calling. I was pretty bad at it and didn’t like it and didn’t get any sales, so I stopped, and switched to more productive and pleasant methods.

So, throughout the day, ask yourself if what you are doing or about to do leads to sales, and let that be your guide for your actions.

If you have a non-sales job, then ask yourself if the task you are doing fulfills your job description. Most emails don’t, so ignore them and focus on the important work.


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  1. David Kaiser says:

    I found myself asking this question today, when reviewing my work, it helped me get back on track. Physician – heal thyself!

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