Success Skills: The Art and Service of Selling

OK, recently we talked about the value of being able to manage a medium term project, a very valuable skill, because many achievements can’t be realized on just one sitting (losing 20 pounds or writing a novel, for example). Today we discuss a new skill, the art and service of selling, which is more than just selling products or services, but also persuading people of your ideas.

Now, many people dislike selling because 1> it often involves rejection and 2> it often seems “slimy” or manipulative. My response is 1> rejection won’t hurt you, but being persistent and getting a YES is wonderful, so you learn to go from NO to NO to NO to YES! and 2> sales CAN be slimy and manipulative, but it does not HAVE to be slimy and manipulative, in fact, when done right, when you are selling a product that helps people, you are doing a service to the client, the world and yourself by selling.


And I believe everyone can learn to be a good sales person. 

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