Peace Equals Power

I just got it, peace equals power. For a long time, I have heard other coaches talk about cultivating feelings of peace, and it sounded like deadening the emotions, I don’t like that repression leads to trouble in my experience. Or, it sounded like becoming passive. If everything is all good, and nothing upsets me, than why do anything? I can just sit here passively and be at peace with all the shit around me: OMMM.

I was missing the point. If I am truly at peace, I can do anything. It means I don’t have internal resistance and fear to overcome. NO FEAR! If I can be at peace in any situation, why not try to change the whole damn world?  That’s not PASSIVE navel-gazing, that’s POWER.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Definitely agree! Being at peace is a very active state, not at all a passive one. Interesting to consider your point about it being a power state!

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