The Power of Faith

I do free webinars for alumni associations. It’s my way of giving back, and it’s also a fun way to meet people and market my services. You can see examples of them HERE and HERE.

So, I was going back and forth with Georgetown University about a topic I had proposed entitled “Time Management for Misfits and Dreamers.” They originally accepted the idea, then pushed back about six weeks in advance, since they had done a lot of time management already and they weren’t sure to what extent Georgetown students would identify as Misfits and Dreamers. I explained the premise, that this was a very different type of time management, less about techniques and tools, and more about the attitudes and emotions we bring to time management. I think this is true in general, and doubly true for people in creative endeavors (the Misfits and Dreamers). I am very thankful that they decided to run this program, since it’s something I believe in.

About a week before the webinar, I got an email from Georgetown telling me that this webinar had set a record for most registrants ever for one of their presentations! I can’t tell you how happy I am that so many people found value in my webinar, and that Georgetown trusted me enough to let this move forward. I got a huge response as well to my offer of a free coaching session, and lots of people joined my eZine list.

Thanks to everyone who promoted and attended this event!


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