I have been running around overwhelmed and scared all day. Partly, a response to circumstance. My daughter was sick and my wife is traveling and I’m going to South by SouthWest in 10 days and I am NOT ready. Part of it is being afraid and not really knowing why.

I called a friend and mentor. He got me to name my fears. I felt immediately better. It’s not that scary. He asked me if I knew what my priorities and resources are. I didn’t, but I had pans to work on it tonight, and I will. He reminded me that it’s all OK, and I’m a good man. I know, and it was nice to hear. A few deep breaths and all was good again. I feel silly for getting worked up in the first place, but I did, and that’s OK. More to the point, I made the phone call that helped me to get out of it. It can be that simple, and it starts with recognizing that you’re bent out of shape.


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