My Next Big Endeavor

You rarely get what you don’t ask for, and knowing what you are looking for makes it a lot easier to find. With that in mind, I have decided to upon my next big endeavor, and I would like your help in making it happen. This benefits me, of course, but it can also demonstrate to you that it is possible to create something out of the ordinary, a cool lesson to learn.

 So, in addition to my one on one work with clients and my workshops, I am interested in creating something a bit grander. I’m not yet sure if this is a part time job, or one huge client, that remains to be seen, but it looks like the following:


  1. I am on site two days / week
  2. I manage the learning and development function (call me a Chief Learning Officer or Director of Learning)
  3. I deliver 1-1 coaching for the leaders and high-potentials
  4. I design and deliver workshops and training on leadership and professional skills (not technical skills)
  5. I facilitate meetings

My ideal employer / client would be dynamic, innovative, high-margin, engagement-driven, human (& humane), tolerant, diverse, and have a strong sense of mission. It would probably be a professional services or financial services firm, but this is not required. An ideal size for this firm would be about 200 – 500 employees.

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Dave is trained at the Coaches Training Institute and certified by the International Coaching Federation. He has worked with dozens of clients to achieve remarkable results, including revenue growth, clearer strategic direction, enhanced leadership, and promotions to positions of greater responsibility. You can learn more about him at or follow him at @DarkMatterCon, or GooglePlus.

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