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When you have your own business, the great part is, you get to figure things out for yourself. The hard part is…you have to figure it out for yourself. The best method for marketing your business is typically one you really enjoy. I really enjoy coaching, so here is how I plan to market my business…I am going to give away free coaching, assuming that some portion of the people who get coaching will want to continue on as paying clients.

So, how does this work? Simple, I am offering YOU a free coaching session on how to create Your Extraordinary Life (figure 15 – 30 minutes), no obligations. If you find it helpful, I ask (not require, but ask) you to introduce me to two people who may benefit from coaching, and I will offer them a free session, and so on and so on, etc.

If you are interested in taking your life up a notch, click HERE to request a time, or email me at with the subject line “Free Session.”

I look forward to meeting you!



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Dave is trained at the Coaches Training Institute and certified by the International Coaching Federation. He has worked with dozens of clients to achieve remarkable results, including revenue growth, clearer strategic direction, enhanced leadership, and promotions to positions of greater responsibility. You can learn more about him at or follow him at @DarkMatterCon, or GooglePlus.

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