The extraordinary checklist

How do you know if you are Extraordinary? Well, Extraordinary is defined as, basically, not ordinary. So, I decided to create a check list of extraordinary achievements and qualities.

Now, you may note that these are fairly universal and don’t allow for circumstances. Going to college is nice, but not Extraordinary, unless you are the first person in your family of refugees to go to school, then it’s pretty amazing.

So, here you go, see how many apply to you, and please add your own ideas to the comments:


You might be extraordinary if…

  • You completed a PhD
  • You ran for political office (win or lose)
  • You have survived combat
  • You can ride a unicycle
  • You have published a book
  • You speak at least one foreign language fluently (if you’re American, double points…)
  • You have been paid for performing on stage
  • You have owned your own company
  • You have a security clearance
  • You have a patent
  • You have sold your art (not to a relative or friend, OK?)
  • You have been married for 30 years or more
  • You have saved someone’s life
  • You blew the whistle on something evil
  • You resigned your job in protest
  • You can play a musical instrument really well
  • You make things at home that people don’t usually make at home (furniture, machinery, wine, yogurt)
  • You have some sort of Superpower, and you actively use it (most people hide their superpowers…)
  • You have prevented a crime
  • You have won some sort of championship
  • You are an accomplished dancer
  • You can do a hard job without complaining
  • You have killed / caught  your own food
  • You have moved to a new town without a job or plan
  • You are kind to people that others overlook or avoid
So, that’s my first stab at it. What do you think?
BTW, I got ten of the above (but then, it’s my list). How many do you have?




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