The Abundance Economy

I’m at South by Southwest Interactive, an amazing music, technology and film festival in Austin, in case you don’t know. What is absolutely amazing to me is how much is being given away by how many. From keychains to software to food to free rides, not to mention all of the talks and panels that speakers are offering, for no speaking fee. And all of this giving away of stuff is going to lead to a lot of business for a lot of companies and people. There is a lot of buying going on here. This is the abundance economy, and it’s awesome. When you believe in your product enough that you will give it away, or give away something to generate interest in it, that’s wonderful. So, with that in mind let me challenge you, what can YOU give away now that will make the world better? Don’t think too much about what you get back, that will follow, naturally, just think about giving. What can you give? Now go make it happen!




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