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OK, as mentioned in a previous post, A Heretic in the Church of Reason, I use Tarot , sometimes for myself, sometimes at the client’s request, and I believe that the Tarot can provide useful insight, regardless of whether there is anything supernatural or divine about which cards flip at a given moment. The images and archetypes are universal and deep, so it may well be that it’s just a variant on psychological instruments like the Rorschach test. I still believe that…and in the last few weeks I have witnessed some amazing coincidences. The card Death has popped up twice in the last four days, both times inverted. Lest anyone get totally spooked (including me), the Death card is more about inevitable endings and change than actual physical death. The odds against any card repeating twice (with the same aspect)  in four days are almost 50 to 1 (yes, I did the math), and that fact that there are some serious changes in my life at this moment is pretty amazing. The Two of Cups has come up twice in a two week period, again both times inverted. I start to think there may be more than raw coincidence…

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